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Hi, I'm Paul Mathieson, welcome to all those interested in finance!

Paul Mathieson's Bio:

Paul Mathieson has been invovled in the finance industry since his graduation from Bond University in January of 1994.  Beginning his career with a bachelor's degree in commerce, Paul found himself interested in the finance world.    This inspired him to go back to school and achieve his Masters of Applied Finance from Macquarie University in 2000.  Going on to start his first company, Paul Mathieson Pty Ltd in 2001.   Paul also spent a lot of time providing financial advice and analysis.  Including a stint at Daiwa Securities Stockbroking Limited and even providing consulting for ING Barings Pty Limited.   From there he went on to invent the Investment Evolution Group, or IEG Holdings, which would go on to create many investment opportunities through various companies across Australia.   At the moment he is the CEO of Mr. Amazing Loans, which provides loan services in Australia and the United States.  They currently have two locations, with a main base of operations in Las Vegas.  But they plan to open to 4 locations throughout the United States within 2014. 

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